Meredith Ryncarz-Only a Second Shooter

Imagine walking into a wedding industry event and leaving more deflated than when you got there, feeling more angry and frustrated with your career choices than ever before.  That’s how I felt walking out of a workshop last year.  I had asked a simple question and one that I thought a leader in the wedding […]

The Part Time Creatives

The Part Time Creatives (I wrote about this on my personal website but this is an extension) There’s a big movement going on in the photography industry right now. “Community Over Competition” has taken over and it’s empowering photographers to encourage and motive each other like never before. It’s been an incredible sight to behold, […]

“Defying the Status Quo”

For someone standing on the outside of the photography industry, I can understand how all of us look different. Each photographer has their own cute website with a handcrafted logo, different personalities, and obviously different photographs. However, are we truly all that different? In a community that seems consumed with the latest on Style Me […]