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A Unconventional Life with Gareth Pon

Gereth Pon believes that everyone should have at least on ridiculous dream they believe can come true and since he can remember, his has been to go to space. Growing up, he maintained his dream of space travel and avoided it becoming a career, he opted out of becoming an astronaut and chose to be a film maker and photographer instead.

The Unconventional Life with Fabio Laub

Fabio Laub

Fabio Laub


With a highly professional work and a long trajectory of success in the competitive Brazilian market, Fabio Laub may be considered alongside Camila Butcher, Alice Lime, Marcos Andreone and Bel Pulgas, one of the precursors of the movement that brought social photography a more contemporary and journalistic approach. It is 17 years of a career of success where Fabio is known for the intense emotional cargo that his photos imprint; always searching for the result that he defines as “photos are not solely for remembering, but also to RELIVE.”

The Unconventional Life with Fabio Laub
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