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Dani White

Artist and Photographer

Ryan and I started dating when I was just two weeks shy of my 16th birthday. He was 17. We made it through high school and then college together and two weeks after I graduated college we finally got married! We were together 7 years before we got to say “I do.” The wedding day was incredible! We planned it for 18 months and when the day came, it was gone in an instant. I did my best to take it all in and I have wonderful memories (and pictures). One thing I will remember is getting in the car and driving away after it was all over and I just balled my eyes out. I cried so hard we ended up getting lost on our way to our new apartment (that’s where we stayed out first night). I cried because I was SO HAPPY! It was a day I imagined for a long time, and a Marriage I hope for for a long time and it finally came. It was wonderful.

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