Meet the Unconventionals

A creative group with a different approach

Our Story

Humble beginnings that founded a movement

For founders Luke and Ashley Beasley, The Unconventional Life began as lessons learned from their own experiences as entrepreneurs. Seeking to overcome their challenges of debt and business failure the couple began Luke and Ashley Photography in 2011. Eager to make a name for themselves, Luke and Ashley fell into a common trap of self-comparison, doubt, and discouragement. For the Beasley’s, the cookie cutter mold of the industry didn’t fit their lives or business. These challenges led Luke and Ashley down an unconventional path that required them to embrace a new way of business, go against the grain, and stand out from the crowd. As Luke and Ashley focused on their own strengths and weaknesses, they began to develop a unique voice and identity that caused their business to finally take off and grow.

The challenges and successes that Luke and Ashley experienced founded a movement of creative entreprenuers that support each other toward personal and industry growth. There are many unqiue voices at The Unconventional Life, and together they form a new approach and perspective.

The Unconventional Life Mission

We are a group of like minded business creatives, individuals, families, who have come together to help people find their voice and identity for the sole purpose, to grow their business in a way that may be unconventional to their industry.

What began as encouraging words amongst business creatives has since grown into a movement and community of passionate entrepreneurs seeking unconventional ways to grow their business and industry. At The Unconventional Life, voice and identity are at the root of the mission. The educational resources provided through the blog and podcast seek to encourage business creatives to discover their own unique path of success. The Unconventional Life blog and podcast is made possible by our team of creative business owners and entreprenuers. If you are interested in contributing to the movement that is changing industry, then contact us today!